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                     Happy Happy, Tensed Tensed, Sad Sad ... 
Just back from a wonderful trip of Leh - Ladakh - Nestled in the midst of the Himalayas :) Ladakh which means "the land of many passes"  The climate was awsome and just the right time to relax for me... Situated at an altitude of 11500ft above sea level is a perfect gateway to experience something unique and different...  Played and enjoyed a lot :) 

Very happy for the nice enjoyment. But now I am a little tensed for the work to be finished in pune. I hope to finish them smoothly... It will relive me of the tension and also I will be able to finish the on going project. 

These days my mood is also going on and off.. Sometimes its good sometimes feels very sad, generally something happens and then it remains in my head for long time and ruins my mood for days. Trying to cover it, but I am sad from within.

But I know sadness will not remain for long time... Coz the cycle goes on
Just remember one thing,
...Take Life As It Comes...

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